Meet Brocke Hambrecht


Brocke Hambrecht - Metro Auctions

9 Years in the Industry

Key Strengths

  • negotiation

  • communication

  • industry knowledge

  • auction process training

Service Areas

  • Sunshine Coast

  • North Brisbane


Auctioneering is a craft that can’t ever be perfected. It is a feel for the situation, the crowd and the emotion that can only be derived from experience. The ‘Call’ and the ‘Negotiation’ are only parts of the overall journey that the Vendor, Agent and Auctioneer undertake to ensure that the very best outcome is delivered. It isn’t a flash suit, a quick fifteen minute show, or a clever presentation but more about ensuring the seller feels they are on the right track to get an incredible result. 

Nobody understands these values better than Brocke after having spent three valuable years in Melbourne learning the craft of an Auctioneer. This, combined with over five years of Sunshine Coast and Brisbane real estate experience, makes for the ingredients for not only a successful Auction day but an incredible selling experience.

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Brocke Hambrecht — Welcome to the team video.