Meet Luke Whitelum

Independent Auctioneer / Experienced & Skilled


18 Years in the Industry

Key Strengths

  • experienced agent, vendor and auctioneer
  • natural communicator
  • skilled auctioneer


  • Sydney


An auction is a reflection to buyers, sellers and the local community on how a Real Estate agency operates. An Auctioneer is the face of that agency and as they say, "first impressions last".
With over 18 years Real Estate experience, Luke lives and breathes Real Estate. He has been on all sides of auctions as both Agent, Vendor and Auctioneer. This experience has given him a unique insight into what drives buyers and sellers at auctions.

The emotion buyers experience and seeing other competing interests assist buyers to justify going above and beyond their limits. Luke understands that the right auctioneer can turn a good price into a great price.

A licensed Real Estate agent and student of toastmasters, Luke is a natural communicator.

Just as important as communicating is the ability to read buyers. The shake of a head, a nervous twitch or the scrunching of a brochure could be the crucial buying signal.

Luke reads the signs and works with the crowd accordingly.