20 Seconds of Courage!

METRO AUCTIONS — 20 Seconds Of Courage

Much like you, I spend a great deal of time every week prospecting for new business.  It is literally the same process that you would follow in order to achieve new listings.  I make relationships the priority and new business the goal.

For the past 12 months, I have been trying to get hold of one agency principal who point blank refused to engage me.  I have called, I have emailed, walked confidently into his office, left brochures, and at every junction, I have not been able to speak to him….until today.

I was finishing a training class at my gym and I saw him enter from the corner of my eye.  Once the class was over, I approached him (albeit a little sweaty and red-faced) and introduced myself.  Over the next 5 minutes we chatted about business, mutual connections and the state of the market.  I sent an email thanking him and his wife for their time at the gym and welcomed the opportunity to work with his team.  Later this morning, I received a call from the gentleman in question with an enquiry regarding availability to train his team and call auctions.

I had tried everything in the book to get in front of this man and it wasn’t until I was looking far from my best, around 6am and at the gym that my opportunity came to implement my 20 seconds of courage.  I could have again decided to call him later that day or send an email and would likely have ended up with the same dead end result.

Where can you use 20 seconds of courage today?  When you are driving around your farm area and see your next seller in the driveway after trying to get hold of them for months?  Could you use 20 seconds of courage when asking for world class VPA?  What about in an auction negotiation when you know that the courage to ask may yield a positive result?

Our business is straightforward – but it will take many 20 second bursts of courage to reach the next level!