Bah Humbug... Or Is It?


Walking around the shops recently made me painfully aware that Christmas is just around the corner. While it is not that close that it justifies the carols playing over the sound system or warrants the 10 foot Christmas trees covered in decorations, it is a reminder that the festive season will soon be upon us. What this means in the real estate world is that deals start to become about ‘being in before Christmas’. This urgency and deadline makes auctions more attractive now than any other time of year.

Running an auction campaign reduces the time on market, flushes out buyers within the initial four week period and achieves a quick settlement, giving everyone involved the chance to move, unpack and settle in before the silly season arrives. Now is your opportunity to confidently pitch auctions and make the dates work in your favour. As you approach listing presentations over the next month, keep auction front of mind – it will be your best selling method from now until the New Year.

During the next few weeks, overcoming auction objections could be as simple as pulling out a calendar and explaining the timeline for results. It not only gives your sellers a quick result, it also puts you in a good position financially for the Christmas break and a buffer as the market slows for the few weeks post-Christmas. So, as you are painfully bombarded with all things Christmas in the coming weeks, remember – this could be your opportunity to finish 2016 with a BANG!