Boost Your Profile Without Breaking The Bank


It is no secret that success in real estate is largely attributed to your reputation and profile. The agents that invest in promoting themselves and their track record often benefit from listings generated through repeat business and referrals. Having a strong profile in your local marketplace is critical in maintaining stock levels, momentum and positive word of mouth.

With the introduction of social media and digital marketing, there has never been a more cost effective and efficient way to promote and expand your profile and broadcast successes. Gone are the days where agents need to rely solely on costly print advertising that is quickly consumed and outdated, instead digital options are long serving, affordable and measureable. There of course is a need to maintain an effective marketing mix to promote yourself as an agent, however the reach, longevity and engagement that can be achieved with digital marketing could potentially reduce your budget or allow you to expand your audience without extra expense.

The key to promoting yourself and improving your profile using digital marketing is all about allowing your target audience to see the real you. Less emphasis is required on the brand and more focus on showing the human side of you within your business but care should be taken in regards to what you share, as social media can be dangerous and permanent. Utilising several digital and social media platforms will expand your reach and improve your conversion rates.

A few simple points to get you started are;
•    Have a digital and social media plan prior to launching and stick to it
•    Have your target audience in mind and tailor your content to suit your audience
•    Show an authentic and human version of yourself – first impressions last
•    Post quality content in moderation – you can over-communicate
•    Invest wisely in paid advertising and measure your responses
•    Invest time in creating your content and ask your audience for feedback