The Savvy Seller Calling All The Shots!


In recent times I have increasingly noticed that Metro Auctions is not only competing for auction business from agents but also competing to grab the attention and the hearts of their vendors. Obviously the Metro Auction business is committed to and focussed on providing our agents with the level of service and support that they need to execute an auction campaign in a professional and polished manner which ultimately is a win for their sellers, but recently I have noticed that it is the vendors selecting the auctioneer, not so much the agents.

It is evident in all market data and statistics that there has been a significant rise in auctions throughout the nation over the last several years. Auctions are no longer the daunting, feared event that the Jenman system and media fought so hard to ‘protect’ sellers against. Instead, the rise in reality TV programs that feature property auctions, such as The Block has assisted in educating our marketplace and reducing the scepticism that was previously prevalent amongst sellers.

Instead, sellers are asking their agent to auction their home. They are enthusiastic and keen to present their property to the market knowing that competition between buyers will achieve an optimal sales result in comparison to a private treaty campaign where a price tag is published as the home hits the market.

With this enlightened seller comes their increased capability and motivation to research, not only the market but the agents and the auctioneers working the local market. These savvy sellers are watching, be it at local auctions, on, on Youtube or other social media channels – they are watching. They are doing their research and appointing their agent and their auctioneer accordingly.  

The savvy seller is officially calling all the shots.  

It is for this reason that Metro Auctions provides a three point ‘Auctioneer Involvement Strategy’ – we involve your seller in the auction process. We are not simply auctioneers that will show up on the day, call the auction and leave. Instead, we provide your sellers a minimum of three separate touchpoints during the auction campaign to ensure your seller receives the level of service they deserve and the level they now demand. We make a call to your vendor in week 1 of your campaign to introduce ourselves and explain the process or answer any questions your seller may have. We then follow up closer to the auction date with a call or meeting to work on a strategy and set the reserve price. We then finally work with your vendors on auction day to ensure the auction is transparent, comfortable and ultimately a success for you and your seller.

We go the extra mile to make our agents look good and make your sellers happy! So if you have a savvy seller, suggest they head to our website and review our videos and let the research begin!