Top 10 Phrases Agents Dread Hearing… But Do!


Being a real estate agent is often a thankless job where you need to have pretty thick skin to survive. Yes, there are amazing perks that come with being an agent, but we think the following 10 phrases will have been encountered by all agents at some point and all have that little element of ‘ouch’.

1.     Oh, I didn’t even think, I just listed with ‘insert any other agent here’ –  friend or family member that has known what you do for years

2.     Why don’t you pay for the marketing, it is only going to increase your profile anyway – prospective seller at a listing presentation

3.     We have been instructed by our clients that they have not been able to obtain satisfactory finance and therefore your contracts is now terminated – solicitor that just advised your holiday you had mentally planned is now delayed

4.     You don’t mind if we hang about for the open home do you? – current seller that wants to micromanage the entire process

5.     Did you see this mistake on your print advertisement for ‘insert address here’ – office colleague that has a strange look of fear andamusement as they point to the magazine

6.     I got told by ‘insert any other agent here’ that my property is worth wayyyy more than that – prospective seller trying to make you squirm

7.     We are so keen, we will just have a talk about it and then we can get back to you with an offer – the infamous disappearing buyer who suddenly never returns a call or message

8.     Your job is so easy, I could sell ice to eskimos, I bet I would be a good agent – budding sales person with no real estate experience

9.     It must be nice getting to sleep in as long as you like every day, I wish my job was as easy as yours – annoying friends that think you don’t have to work hard

10.  Ohhhh, you’re a real estate agent – someone you just met as they screw their nose up