Timing Is Everything

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One of the most important elements to auction success is timing. There are so many factors and elements that need to be perfectly sequenced and executed in order for the plan to come together to deliver the desired results. Timing truly is everything.

An auction campaign is not just a sales person presenting a property to the market; it is a science, an art form, a well-executed plan. It takes time, attention to detail, design and preparation to effectively implement an auction campaign. The agent truly holds within their hands, the power to deliver a result that will not only meet but exceed expectations of the vendor and the marketplace alike. In fact, more sales record prices are recorded through the auction process than any other sales technique.

Perhaps this is why so many agents and sellers find the auction process daunting. It is the walk into the unknown, the exploration of unchartered territory without so much as a price guide. By removing price from the equation, there is a loss of that sense of security or safety, for both the agent and the seller. However it doesn’t have to be this way. By removing price and exploring this incredible science, this beautiful art form that is auction, there are so many new possibilities in the picture.

An auction campaign generates more interest, it is a simple fact. Quite often this has been attributed to the larger, more extensive marketing campaigns that go hand in hand with an auction. Yet there could be more to it than that. The mystery, the suspense, the curiosity within the marketplace can all be stirred by a well-executed auction campaign, that teases the buyers, taunts the neighbours and draws the crowds come auction day. It is this process that also promotes competition and urgency, driving prices upwards, the key objective of the auction process.

The timing however is of the essence in delivering that knock out result. The agent must coordinate the pre-marketing preparation, photography, copywriting, training the seller in presenting the house for an open home. The agent must know the right moment to launch the marketing campaign, when and how to respond to enquiries pushing and probing for an indication on price. They must balance the nerves and the excitement of the seller, while preparing them mentally for the big moment that is auction day.

Throughout this journey it is important for an agent to be prepared, expect the unexpected, communicate with their seller and most importantly team with an auctioneer that can add value and orchestrate the best outcome on the day.

The team at Metro Auctions, see auction as a science. They see it as an art form. Not just another property being presented to the marketplace. It is this level of customer care and precision in the process that can ultimately deliver record sale prices, satisfied sellers and superstar sales people. Metro Auctions are experiencing in providing perfectly timed support through a three point auctioneer involvement strategy that essentially puts the agent in partnership with the auctioneer. It is this impeccable timing that allows the partnership to deliver the best results and satisfied sellers.

For the team at Metro Auctions, it is all about timing.